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Buffy the Dick Sucker

Sunday, June 20th, 2010

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The television show Buffy the Vampire Slayer may have ended with seventh season of the series; but fans can’t seem to get enough of Sarah Michelle Gellar. Just check out these pics and see how hot Sarah Michelle Gellar really is! Here she is in some luscious and very compromising  situations.

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This beautiful blonde vixen did not originally audition for the lead role; she auditioned for the role of Cordelia Chase (a supporting role), the mean girl on campus who picks on Buffy and her nerd friends. But the show’s creator and producers were so impressed by her acting chops and her sexy body that they offered the role of Buffy to her. The role of Cordelia eventually went to equally-hot actress, Charisma Carpenter.

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Hardcore pictures of Sarah Michelle Gellar

Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

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Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

Well I’ll be damned! This Sarah Michelle Gellar is really something and she’s definitely way far from the Sarah you get to see on TV or on the big screen… and whoever leaked these mind-blowing cumshot photos in public has just given mankind enough reason to smile again and we are treated to something raunchy like a good round of Hollywood sleaze from your friendly neighborhood vampire slayer. See Sarah’s pretty face get smothered with thick, creamy cum after giving these lucky studs a good, hard blowjob or after some intense hardcore fucking and now she gets rewarded with a hefty load of splooge splattering on her and trickling down her throat.

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Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

Sarah Michelle Gellar has indeed traded off her goody-goody wholesome image into a more daring and fired-up babe and we’re not just talking about the stint she did for the movie Cruel Intentions, we are talking real life here and we have the pictures to prove it! We have discovered some of these revealing naked pictures of Sarah and she’s just as hot as hell without her clothes on as she displays her nice pair of tits and juicy pussy in front of the camera and now the world is about to see for the first time Sarah Michelle Gellar in the flesh… literally.

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